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Morrilton, Arkansas

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RV and Camper sites now available.  No hookups available. Must be self contained.

Welcome to beautiful Petit Jean Mountain in Arkansas, a natural and historic treasure that has welcomed travelers for decades. Petit Jean Mountain rises over 1000 feet above the Arkansas River Valley. The natural beauty and ancient geology of this legendary Mountain inspired the creation of Arkansas’s first state park.

Petit Jean Mountain has a wealth of attractions of its own. At the East end of the mountain is Petit Jean’s grave site with view of the Arkansas River Valley from the East Brow. The Petit Jean State Park is the most visited park in the state. Mather Lodge dining room has a terrific view of the Petit Jean River Valley with hawks constantly soaring above it. Further west is Cedar Falls, handicapped accessible, with another outstanding view. Near the west end of the mountain where highways 154 and 155 intersect is another scenic overlook. For other attractions, visit the park office for guides to hiking and other scenery.

Museum of Automobiles on-site. 

Bags of Ice for sale on-site.

Food Trucks on-site for food purchases. 

Eclipse t-shirts for sale on-site. 

Bottles and cases of water for sale on-site. 

This collection of photos serves to illustrate the campground and nearby attractions.

2024 Eclipse Event:

We are accommodating guests for the purpose of observing totality (4 min. 17 sec.) during the eclipse.

You are free to arrive as you choose, April 5, or April 6, or April 7.  (due to traffic, trying to come on April 8 will probably be impossible, but you can try). 

Since entry into the campground is a one time event, some campers may wish to bring a separate vehicle to permit in and out transit as desired (which may be limited by volume of traffic outside the Museum grounds). If so, spaces in the auxiliary parking lot are $50/day, first come, first served. Keep in mind that once the campground is entered, if you leave the campground, you will not be able to re enter unless you have a seperate vehicle permit. This is for safety reasons due to the anticipated large number of pedestrians in the campground.


Museum of Automobiles on-site


Solar Eclipse Event


One vehicle per site only. Additional Parking Lot Available outside the main event area. The cost for parking at this lot is $50 per day per vehicle.

General Rules

OPERATIONAL RULES for SOLAR ECLIPSE EVENT APRIL 5th to 12 NOON APRIL 9th, 2024 at THE MUSEUM OF AUTOMOBILES, PETIT JEAN MOUNTAIN THE MUSEUM OF AUTOMOBILES WELCOMES YOU TO PETIT JEAN MOUNTAIN AND THE SOLAR ECLIPSE EVENT OF APRIL 5th to 12 NOON APRIL 9th. TO HAVE A SAFE AND SUCCESSFUL EVENT, IT IS NECESSARY THAT THE FOLLOWING RULES APPLY. REGISTRATION FOR THE EVENT IS AGREEMENT OF EACH PARTICIPANT TO THESE RULES: ALL RULES WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. ANY VIOLATION OF THESE RULES CAN LEAD TO THE PARTICIPANT(S) BEING EJECTED WITHOUT A REFUND. DEFINITIONS: EVENT: The congregation on the grounds of The Museum of Automobiles, Inc., 8 Jones Lane, Petit Jean Mountain, Morrilton, Arkansas from APRIL 5th to 12 NOON APRIL 9th for the ultimate purpose of viewing the solar eclipse on April 8, 2024.<br> EVENT SPONSOR: The Museum of Automobiles, Inc., (the “Museum”).<br> PARTICIPANT: Each purchaser of the use of a defined plot (“Space”) on the grounds of The Museum of Automobiles, for a lease not to exceed the time frame of April 5TH, 2024, to 12 noon April 9th, 2024, under the terms and conditions hereinafter referred to. Each space will be limited to maximum occupancy of no more than six persons, including minors. PREMISES: The grounds of The Museum of Automobiles. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Purchase of a space on the premises is a NONREFUNDABLE and NONCANCELABLE transaction. The time of the year indicates the probability of favorable weather. However, there is no way for the Museum to control the weather before and during the event. In the event of unfavorable weather, there will be NO REFUND of registration fee paid. In reliance upon the reservation of the Participant, the Museum is arranging to provide access to a specific plot of land, reservation of resources to facilitate the event, maintenance of Security Officers, and access to portable toilets. Once a particular space is allotted to a participant, it is nontransferable to another party without consent of The Museum. If this event is attended to the extent similar events were at previous eclipses elsewhere, mobility may be limited or impossible temporarily. Participants are notified to bring adequate prescription medications, adequate food and water, vehicle fuel, and any other supplies ordinarily required by the participant inasmuch as they may be unavailable on Petit Jean Mountain, and ingress and egress may become temporarily blocked by stalled traffic. USAGE OF SPACE: Most of the spaces are tree studded. Trees may not be cut or trimmed. Your usage is governed by the existing trees. These spaces will not accommodate motor homes and are prohibited except in limited motor home spaces which will be leased separately from the ordinary spaces. Each space may accommodate one motor vehicle (automobile or pickup truck). Campsite lot spaces are 15'x40'. Only one sticker per space will be issued and only one vehicle will be permitted per space. Each space will accommodate one vehicle and tent camping, or camper affixed to a pickup truck, or other primitive accommodation. Spaces are too small for towed trailers. NOTE: Restroom facilities in the Museum of Automobiles will be limited to those who pay admission to the museum. Each entry shall require a separate paid admission for each person. The Museum is unable to serve as an event wide restroom facility. Portable toilets will be on Premises for that purpose. Depending upon circumstances, the Museum may be closed Saturday April 6, 2024, Sunday April 7, 2024, Monday April 8, 2024, and Tuesday April 9, 2024. Take note also that State of Arkansas which operates the Petit Jean State Park and campgrounds has given notice that entrance to the park facilities will be limited to registered guests of the park, demonstrated by proof of registration. Park police will enforce this limitation. 1. You will receive a sticker for the windshield of your vehicle upon registration at the campsite. This sticker must be affixed to the outside lower left, (driver side) of your windshield at all times. No vehicle will be admitted to the rented campground space without a sticker. No more than one sticker per space will be issued. Pre-registered participants will have their windshield stickers and may go directly to their spaces. Guides will be at the entrance gate to direct you to your space. Lost sticker policy: a replacement fee of $50 will be charged for each replacement sticker issued. 2. Parking on roads inside the event area will only be permitted for loading or unloading. Unattended vehicles on interior roads, or in unauthorized spaces will be towed away at the owner's expense. Parking on Arkansas Highway 154 and Jones Lane which are each adjacent to Museum Premises is prohibited to keep emergency vehicle access open. Fire Trucks cannot travel Hwy 154 when vehicles are parked on the road shoulders. “NO PARKING” signs are posted on Highway 154. Vehicles improperly parked in violation WILL BE TOWED at owner expense. 3. Your spaces are marked on the front corners with yellow disks and the back with white disks. Campsite lot spaces are 15'x40'. Your occupancy must be within these boundaries. If there is any question about the boundaries of your space, please ask Event Personnel. Do not get into a dispute with your neighbor. 4. Golf carts and personal mobility devices will be allowed for disabled individuals. If driven at night they must have front and rear lights visible by pedestrians. A state issued “DISABLED” placard, or a letter from your Doctor is required. The disabled person must occupy the golf cart anytime it is used. It may not be loaned to others. No four-wheelers or any other type of all-terrain vehicle are allowed. Five (5) miles per hour speed limit will be enforced. Quiet hours are between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. There will be no motor traffic allowed during this time. 5. Twenty-four-hour Security Officers will be present on site. All applicable county, state and federal laws governing personal conduct are applicable and will be enforceable by law enforcement officers. Illegal drug use is prohibited. Alcoholic beverage use is governed by state and local laws. Sale of alcohol is prohibited. 6. No food or beverage, of any kind, will be sold and/or distributed, in any form or fashion, except by food concessionaires authorized by the Museum of Automobiles. No souvenirs, concessions, or any other items of merchandise may be sold on premises except as authorized The Museum of Automobiles. 7. The Museum of Automobiles, its officers, directors, and employees, and its Security Officers will not be responsible for damage, injuries, accidents, stolen or misplaced goods. The Museum of Automobiles does not insure the participant from any loss, injury, or casualty. Insurance is the participant’s responsibility. Public liability and property damage insurance must be maintained by each participant and must adequately cover all vehicles on the premises. 8. All pets must be kept on a leash no longer than six (6) feet. Pet owners are required to clean up all waste deposited by any pet. The owner of any pet which attacks, bites, or causes injury to any person or other pet shall bear liability for all damages caused by the pet. 9. The museum directors and officers and Security Officers reserve the right to reject and/or eject any person or firm they deem to be undesirable for any reason. The directors' actions and decision are final. Anyone Ejected for any rules violations will not be given a refund. 10. Due to the heavy pedestrian traffic, it may be necessary to impose a restriction that there will be no vehicular movement within the Premises. This will depend upon circumstances then present which cannot be predicted at this time. In order to protect pedestrians, during the event there will be no in and out traffic. Once you are in the grounds, if your vehicle leaves the grounds, re entry will be denied. 11. No open fires will be permitted at any time. No fireworks or fire arms are allowed on the Premises except for Security Officers and holders of concealed carry permits. We recommend you have a fire extinguisher with you. 12. Generators must have mufflers and are subject to Quiet Time; generators with excessive noise levels will not be allowed to run. 13. Items left after Tuesday, April 9, 2024, will be removed by cleanup crews. 14. Trash barrels will be provided. You are to leave your trash in them, and leave your space clean. Please help us keep the grounds beautiful. 15. No auctions, gambling or raffles will be permitted. The intention is that this will be a safe, educational, and family oriented event.